Environmental furnishing

Individual furniture made to measure

not only for control centres

Furnishing with individual fixtures and fittings

The company SK-Kreis has also been active for many years in trade fair construction and in the individual furnishing of offices and practices. Therefore our production area is composed of 3 departments:

  • Metalworking
  • Wood and plastic processing
  • Coatings

The modern equipment of our production areas with the latest and often computer-controlled machines enables us to manufacture all equipment wishes of the customer absolutely individually.

Our environment furnishing continues where modular furniture already reaches its limits

In large rooms, modular furniture can usually be easily set up. However, the difficulties with modular furniture begin where existing furniture has to be supplemented in the same style or where the new combinations are to be integrated into complicated room structures.

Who buys off-the-peg pants if they don't have the right figure for it?

Often a reworking can be much more cost-intensive and less target-oriented than an individual solution tailored to your needs!

Functional furnishing according to your ideas

We manufacture suitable and dimensionally accurate furnishings such as desks, conference tables, wall units, built-in walls, safes for valuables, gun cabinets, sideboards, large screens, storage systems or wall panelling.

View reference equipment in detail:

Police Fire brigade Public institutions & compoanies

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