Individual planning according to

latest ergonomic findings

for health and safety

Technical planning and design of control centre tables, furniture and fixtures

Often the planning of a room and technology concept in an emergency call and service control centre, an operations control centre, a security control centre or a control room does not necessarily belong to the area of competence of a commissioned specialist planner or manager. We are therefore pleased to offer our support in the planning of the control centre and are available to provide advice if the following questions need to be discussed:

  • Which components are applicable?
  • What should be taken into account during planning?
  • How are planning and implementation carried out?

First planning of the technical equipment - then adaptation of the furniture

Before we talk about the room concept of the control centre furniture in a control centre, the planning of the applied technology must be established, because the technology is at the centre. Often, mistakes are made during the planning stage that this sequence is not adhered to.

  • Who has to work with whom in which situation?
  • Who must have access to which systems?
  • What information must be available to everyone at the same time?

Stehen diese Punkte fest, kann ein Raum- und Ergonomiekonzept erarbeitet werden

A practical example: If there are more than four monitors at the workstation, it is difficult for the employee to monitor the screens because they are no longer within the employee's narrow field of vision. For this reason, only a maximum of 3 monitors should be planned per workstation, because the number of individual monitors can be reduced by using "MultiConsoling". If important information must be available to all operators at the same time, the use of large screen walls is recommended. Placed at strategically important locations in the control centre, these help to reduce the number of monitors at individual workstations.

Ergonomic requirements, visual distances and the latest technology

In order for control centre staff to carry out their work as effectively and safely as possible and without impairment, the design of the entire control centre, the workplaces and work equipment, as well as environmental conditions and work organisation must be planned optimally and individually.

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